Embrace the Spirit of Every Season

Embrace the spirit of every season and celebration with Americana Fabrics' curated collection of seasonal and holiday fabrics.

No matter the occasion, we have the perfect fabric to elevate your craft projects. Explore our extensive range, including charming Easter prints, romantic Valentine's Day motifs, spooky Halloween designs, and festive Christmas patterns. Our selection goes beyond the ordinary with themed fabrics for St. Patrick's Day and other special occasions.

Our selection includes, but is not limited to: 

Seasonal Fabrics: Spring-inspired Prints  |  Summer-themed Designs  |  Fall Foliage |  Winter Wonderland Motifs

Valentine's Day Fabrics: Heart Patterns  |  Cupid Prints  |  Romantic Floral Designs  |  Love-themed Motifs

St. Patrick's Day Fabrics: Shamrock and Clover Prints  |  Shades of Green Fabrics  |  Leprechaun Motifs

Easter Fabrics: Bunny and Chick Prints  |  Easter Egg Patterns  |  Pastel-colored Fabrics  |  Springtime Floral Designs

Fourth of July Fabrics: Fireworks Prints  |  Celebration-themed Motifs

Back To School Fabrics: School Supplies Prints  |  Educational Motifs  |  Alphabet and Number Prints  |  School Bus Patterns  |  Apple and Chalkboard Designs  |  Playful Characters

Sports & Leisure Fabrics: College & University Logo Prints  |  Sport Activities  |  Musical Notes & Symbols  |  Video Game Patterns

Halloween Fabrics: Spooky Ghost Prints  |  Pumpkin Motifs  |  Witch and Haunted House Patterns  |  Black Cat Designs

Thanksgiving Fabrics: Turkey Prints  |  Harvest-themed Patterns  |  Autumnal Colors  

Winter Holiday Fabrics: Santa Claus Prints  |  Reindeer Motifs  |  Snowflake Patterns  |  Christmas Tree Designs  |  Festive Ornament Prints  |  Hannukah Stars

Remember, the availability of these fabrics may vary store to store, and it's always a good idea to visit our store to explore the latest additions to our collection.

Exclusive to Waterford and Rocky Hill Locations

Currently, our Seasonal and Holiday Fabrics are exclusively available at our Waterford and Rocky Hill locations. Stay tuned as we add more inventory every day to our online store, bringing the convenience of Americana Fabrics directly to your fingertips.