September 2023: Welcome to our NEW eNewsletter!

September 2023: Welcome to our NEW eNewsletter!

Welcome to our NEW eNewsletter!

We are extremely grateful for loyal customers like you and are excited to have this new forum to keep you updated on all things Americana Fabrics.

We have had an exciting 2023 so far!

We appreciate the special place that our Montville location has held in your hearts over the years, and with our ever-expanding inventory, we found ourselves bursting at the seams. When the opportunity arose to establish a new location in Waterford, it was an offer we couldn't resist. Waterford, with its tight-knit community and an iconic building with ample space, proved to be the perfect canvas for the next chapter in our story. The best part is that it's just one town away from Montville. We sincerely hope you'll enjoy our new home!

This year we also decided to give our brand a fresh update. When we saw the iconic Americana sign on the silo outside of the building, we wanted to keep it in place as a testimony to its history, but it also started us thinking maybe that was the real reason we chose this spot. While we will continue to have affordable fabrics, what we are really providing is a place where everyone is welcome. It's a place where creativity knows no bounds, where you can craft a unique look and proudly express your individuality. This is the essence of what Americana Fabrics represents to us. It has evolved into a symbol of personal freedom and self-expression, and we are absolutely thrilled to show our exciting new look to you!

Halloween is upon us bringing with it the sites, sounds, smells, and fabrics of Autumn! Check out a sample of our fall collection below. Again, everyone is welcome, witches, goblins, and vampires alike!

Thank you for being a cherished part of our Americana Fabrics community. We look forward to sharing more exciting updates, inspiration, and of course, the finest fabrics with you, through our eNewsletter.

Dean & Angela Taylor

From eerie cobwebs to spooky ghosts, our diverse range includes classic orange, black, purple, green, and gray prints for charming Halloween projects.

If you're in a pumpkin spice mood, our Fall and Autumn quilting fabric collection offers cozy autumnal hues.

Shop our diverse selection of affordable and unique fabrics and you are sure to unleash your creativity, allowing you to conjure up a costume that will haunt everyone's memories!